Beautiful things that make the world feel that little bit shinier. Handmade silver jewellery created by him and her (she designs, he makes. Mostly.) that’s a joy to wear. That’s all. Not world peace or cure for hunger. Just simple everyday pleasures.

Fabulousfrockage’s shiny things came about when Mrs FF inherited a diamond signet ring. It wasn’t a big diamond. Or even a big ring. But still, not really her. Having battled with a guilty ingratitude, she finally decided it was OK to have the stone reset in something she’d actually wear, and enjoyed pottering off round a variety of jewelers. Indecisively. Months passed. To provoke a spot of decision, HFF(Mr) suggested this should be her birthday present, so one snowy Saturday in December, she and HFF (Mr) found themselves in Wheathampstead’s Rachel Jeffrey Jewelers talking all things shiny with owner Rachel, who mentioned their jewelry school.  HFF (Mr)’s eyes lit up in a way no diamonds had ever provoked. “Oooh. I’d love to try that. You know, it’s my birthday soon too…?”

Mrs FF’s pretty sure it was just an excuse to buy new tools (he’s a boy. And an engineer, so tools are to him what shoes are to her. Fair, no?). They live with a certain amount of creative tension (“No, not like that: 1mm to the left” “But that’s not what you said”), amidst the lightly controlled chaos of simultaneous project enthusiasms. And absolutely love it.

And why Fabulous Frockage? That calls for another drink (as Tinkerbell never said). Let me know when you have one, and we’ll turn the page.