Gullwing (rh)


An elegant swoop of silver to sit at the base of the neck.

The same swooping shape as the Sail pendant, worn horizontally. Also available in left-handed version choose the one that speaks to you.*

*Not literally. Not even Talking stick does that. (Probably.)

8.5cm wide
2.8cm high
3mm diameter zircon

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Your necklace will come suspended from a solid silver curb chain.

One of a kind

Each piece of our silver jewelry is handmade, so they’re all unique, exactly as you’d expect, so there may be a tiny bit of variation from the photo to the piece you receive. And that goes double for the ones with natural stones, where the character of the stone will influence the piece.

Your shiny sterling silver jewelry is hallmarked, so you can be sure of the quality of the piece, as well as the care that goes into making it.

Keeping it shiny

Sometimes things happen that make our lives lack a little lustre. The same’s true for your lovely shiny silver jewelry.  Cleaning it gently with a silver or gold polishing cloth will help it keep its sparkle. Keep it out of contact with perfume, and whilst clearly you’ll want to keep it on at all times, it’s not keen on chlorine, so take it off before you go swimming.


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